One of the easiest floors to clean and maintain is the water-resistant vinyl floor. Sheet vinyl will give you a wide selection of colors and patterns, while vinyl tiles give you a bit more customization.

For years when people would talk about vinyl flooring, they were talking about sheet vinyl products.  Now the main type of vinyl flooring going into homes is luxury vinyl flooring.

Sheet vinyl

Comes in sheets so itcan be seamless or nearly seamless for ease of cleaning and water resistance.  The looks of the sheet vinyl has come a long way in the last decade with technology making the designs more in-depth and realistic.  Sheet vinyl is the best flooring if you have an uneven floor but are looking for a hard surface floor as it is very flexible.

Luxury Vinyl: LVP (luxury vinyl planks) LVT (luxury vinyl tile)

Comes in individual planks or tiles with a much harder finish than a sheet vinyl flooring.  The flooring will have a WPC (wood plastic composite) or SPC (stone plastic composite) core.  Luxury vinyl products can be made to be glued down or to be floating.  The core is more rigid than sheet vinyl so it has more limitations on where it can be installed.  It is considered a waterproof flooring as it will not absorb moisture and warp.  One of the most widely installed flooring products right now, Luxury Vinyl is very durable and water-resistant.

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