The Exotic Floor

It doesn’t get much more natural-looking than wood. From classy to rustic, wood can transform any room into a warm environment. Wood can also end up saving you money by lasting the entire life of your home. Should it begin to look less vibrant than you prefer, you can always refinish it.

Woods vary from solid to exotic to engineered. Wood looks also vary greatly from the domestic to the exotic species. The exotic species are generally much harder and have a wider range of natural color variations and are often perceived as more luxurious.

The classic hardwood most people remember is the solid wood that must be stapled, nailed, or glued down.

Engineered wood has a few more applications than solid wood since it can be installed below grade and can be floated. Since it is more stable than solid floors, it doesn’t expand and contract with changing weather as much. Because of its thinner size, engineered wood can also fit in areas of homes that solid wood may not when remodeling.

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